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About Jim: Bio

Jim has been a serious student of health and fitness his whole adult life, beginning with a BA in Health Studies from UCSB and later adding an MA in Exercise Science. He earned the first of his many fitness training certifications in 1985. For the last 15 years, he has partnered exclusively with age 50+ adults and seniors to improve their fitness, daily-life function and body confidence. He is Santa Barbara’s most experienced fitness trainer, having a continuous full-time professional fitness training practice for the last 32 years. Medical professionals trust him with their patients as he receives referrals from Doctors and Physical Therapists. He is lucky and blessed to be a cancer survivor, with lots of exposure to the medical profession, and his clients tell him he always has good advice regarding using and communicating with medical professionals. He is committed to learning new tools, techniques and skills to help his clients, so he regularly attends professional seminars.

Jim first fell in love with Santa Barbara at age 16 and has lived in the area for 42 years. In his personal life, he tries to enjoy all the charm and beauty SB has to offer. He is devoted to taking care of himself physically and puts positive attention and action into his (60+) body nearly every day. He is a fan of morning meditation and also a student of plant-based eating and cooking. He chips away at learning the French language by taking classes from the Center for Lifelong Learning. He enjoys reading – mostly fiction, nutrition and professional topics – and also watching a bit of Netflix to relax. A treat and modest passion for him is learning about, enjoying and sharing the elegant pinot noir wines from Burgundy and the lovely Nebbiolo-based wines from northwestern Italy. At different points in his life he has been passionate about surfing, tennis and Latin dancing.

Jim Gourley, Santa Barbara Trainer
Jim Gourley, Santa Barbara Trainer
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