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“First move well and then move often.”

– Gray Cook, Physical Therapist

My Personalized 3-Step Fitness Training Process

As we age it becomes harder and harder to move well and express ourselves physically with confidence. That’s why the safest and most effective path to physical training is to establish fundamental movement/body control skills before developing other aspects of fitness. This is nicely expressed by Gray Cook’s axiom “first move well and then move often.” I follow a deliberate 3-step fitness training process to make “first move well” a reality for you.

Health History and Physical Assessment

Establish your goals/concerns and assess your physical challenges, current functional status and movement ability

Improve Movement Ability

Corrective Exercise to develop fundamental movement/body control skills and improve your limiting mobility, stability and right-left symmetry issues

Develop Lower Body Functional Fitness

From-the-hips-down fitness for daily-life functional ability, adaptability, bone and muscle health, and the body confidence to freely express your physicality

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