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If you are a prospective client’s spouse, child or other family, please read the message below:
It’s admirable that you are actively seeking solutions for your loved one. Please understand that I won’t work with your loved one just because you want me to. For a positive experience, I need a full “buy in” with an engaged and willing participant for a client. You, as family, are welcome to contact me for basic information, but after that initial contact, I will interact & communicate ONLY with my prospective client (your loved one). In other words, your loved one will need to contact me directly to initiate a relationship, and from that point on, I will deal with them only.


I try to match my skills & training with the most compatible clients to ensure your success and to help me have a fulfilling practice. I’d love to hear from you if you meet the basic criteria listed below:

  1. Have normal cognitive abilities
  2. Are able to walk without assistive devices (It’s OK if you use a cane in certain circumstances)
  3. Will commit to working with me a minimum of 1x/week for at least 6 months *
  4. Have reasonable scheduling flexibility
  5. Are willing/able to use email for scheduling/communication and will respond promptly
  6. Will sign my Fees & Policies Statement at our first session **
  7. Will follow & implement best practices for Covid infection prevention ***

* I’m looking to positively change your life, but understand it will take a consistent and long-term effort on your part. Improving older adult function/fitness takes time & consistency: the time to apply the right kind of focused, repeated effort that’s appropriate for your unique body, and the patience to keep at it over and over again. That’s why I require a minimum commitment of 1x/week for at least 6 months. There’s a lot of nuance that goes into success: An older adult fitness “program or plan” is dynamic and will require repeated adjustments to modify, regress and progress since each individual’s physical abilities vary tremendously and everyone’s learning occurs at different rates. For a simple example of individual physical differences, consider something as basic as walking – mostly foolproof right? Well, besides foot pain issues, walking success can be compromised by a whole host of other factors, like a lack of big toe or ankle bendability; or hip weakness that causes the pelvis to tip too much side-to-side; or insufficient dynamic (moving) balance which makes it hard for you to adjust to ground irregularities or trip-worthy obstacles like uplifted sidewalk segments.

** My Fees & Policies Statement outlines my current fees, billing, monthly minimum, cancellation policy, no show policy & Covid prevention protocols/policies.

*** Covid policies are still in place. Since all my clients are in the high-risk group for Covid- related complications, I will not work with anyone who is unwilling to implement best practices for Covid prevention: vaccines, N-95/KN-95 face coverings and adequate ventilation, etc.

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