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“Jim has become an important part of my daily life.”

I have been working with Jim for almost 10 years — a much shorter time than many of his clients. I started in recovery from a double hip replacement, but I’ve continued when I saw what he could do for me. By now he has become an important part of my daily life.

Jim has the knowledge, but more importantly the experience, to see how you can be better at everyday life — sitting down, getting up, walking, lifting, running, etc. He creates a program of exercises that is adapted to you — to your weaknesses, to your strengths, to your stamina, and to your openings for improvement. In this one on one experience Jim maintains his sense of humor and suppresses his disappointments.

If you want a trainer who is personally engaged without being intrusive. If you want to improve your chances for the inevitable decline with age or just function better in everyday life then Jim Gourley is your man.

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