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“Jim has made a tremendous difference in my ability to physically enjoy life.”

  Jim has made a tremendous difference in my ability to physically enjoy life. I have always been very athletically active, and was shocked to need a total left hip replacement in my late 40s. I did post-op rehabilitation as prescribed, but was still limited in what I could do and had residual pain my doctors could not explain. Jim designed a plan of exercises tailored to my particular needs and patiently and wisely worked with me so that healthy movement patterns became habits as I gradually gained bilateral strength. Today I am surfing, snowboarding, backpacking, and running on the beach with my wife and young daughter. And although my surgeon told me to expect to replace my right hip as well, Jim’s success in improving my mechanics and creating balanced core fitness have spared my right hip from much wear and tear. I am optimistic that I can avoid the second replacement, and I believe that if I had started working with Jim earlier in life, I would have delayed, and maybe avoided entirely, my hip replacement. Jim motivates, educates and protects. And as a bonus, he is a great guy and a well-educated fellow who is knowledgeable about much more than his specialties of body mechanics, fitness and nutrition. He is a fun person to work out with, and I am proud to call him my trainer and my friend.


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