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“What most impresses me about Jim is his professionalism and his commitment.”

  I have been a client of Jim Gourley for more than 14 years and I am convinced that, at age 58, I am more fit now than I have ever been. It all began when my chiropractor recommended I work with Jim in order to strengthen my upper back, shoulders and neck after an injury, and I have never looked back.

Jim knows my body better than I do, and over the years his work-out plan for me has evolved to fit changes in my strengths and weaknesses. Whenever I am performing a set of exercises, I am aware that Jim is watching the progress of every motion to make sure my body is in perfect alignment and that my muscles and joints are getting maximum benefits.

I think what most impresses me about Jim is his professionalism and his commitment to continuing his own knowledge base; he is not a Trainer who assumes that what he knows now is all he will ever need to know. He regularly attends professional conferences and will work in new ideas to my plan if he feels they will be beneficial to me.

I look forward to many more years working out with Jim because I know he will keep my body in the best possible state of fitness.

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